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"Restaurant Winners" 


the beginning...

Our story is simple. We just love burgers. After successful ventures in the catering and concession business we decided to try a little idea that had been bouncing around in our heads for several years. Why not have a gourmet burger experience in a fun and lively quick-service setting? Who says top quality beef, fresh local produce and freshly baked buns has to be reserved for a fancy sit down restaurant? Why not decorate the place to remind you of the comfort of home, play cool music and showcase the uniqueness of the city you live in? We believed that yes, you can have it both ways! Our philosophy is creating the best tasting burgers, from the traditional – to the far out is worth waiting a few minutes for, but not all day. We char grill only fresh Angus beef for that smoky flavor and backyard taste. We take daily deliveries from local purveyors. Our food packs a flavor punch! We’re cutting, slicing, and chopping fresh vegetables all day. Our bakery gets their buns in here four times a week! Our award winning Milkshakes are made with whole milk, hand dipped ice cream and that’s it. Our menu is also designed with everyone in mind – from char grilled fresh chicken breasts and Ahi Tuna steaks, we’ve got it covered. Even our Veggie Burgers are the bomb. Do we really need to mention that above all else customer service is our highest priority???